BBC blind to the facts in their own reporting

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2006 at 10:08 AM

According to a BBC World News report this past week:

-400,000 UK muslims sympathize with jihad

-1200 are activists actually involved with jihad.

-A Muslim apologist interviewed for the broadcast claimed 99% of muslims are peace-loving.

Either he can’t do the math, or “peace” doesn’t mean to him what I think it means.

The BBC finds one UK muslim who says he is working to stop recruitment to jihad. Is this to soothe the anxiety of Infidel Brits rightly concerned about the invading forces of Allah?

No wonder the growing number of UK Muslims supporting jihad has become what may be an irreversible tide. Those who claim to be the eyes, ears, and conscience of the nation dutifully play the dhimmi rather than raising a call to action–and that includes also the political elites.

Considering all that has transpired since 9/11 (yes, the attack was against America, but it was also an attack against the entire non-Muslim West), that the leadership of both the United States and Britain are still suicidally promoting the “Islam is peace” nonsense is indefensible. Instead of taking actual steps to rid the West of Islam’s clear and present danger, they apologize for it.

Good faith efforts to free Muslims from tyranny have proven ineffective (because Islam is tyranny). President Bush and Prime Minister Blair would be completely justified in saying we made a noble effort and did everything we could, but the Muslim world is not worthy of Liberty.

Their (no doubt unintentional) obfuscation and impotence in the face of Islam and its liberal/multiculturalist allies in the West now help make possible every drop of innocent civilian and military blood spilled in the name of Allah.


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