A "measured response" savages what is right

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2006 at 5:20 PM

Michael Savage has written and said many useful and important things. On the subject of Islamic terrorism and Israel’s right to self-defense, he has denounced the former and supported the latter.

Today’s rant about Israel’s going too far has gone too far itself. He asserts that Israel is intentionally targeting innocents. Savage calls Lebanon a “moderate Muslim, or rather, secular nation.” He also claims that Israel’s action in Lebanon will create more terrorists.

It is true that of the Muslim nations surrounding Israel, Lebanon has been the least pro-Jihad. That they have substantial Christian (the numbers of whom living in Lebanon have been radically reduced under Islam from its historical majority) and Druze populations accounts for this.

That Hizballah–backed by Iran and Syria–has had free reign is probably due more to fear of getting killed rather than affiliation with that group, but how many of Lebanese Muslims disavow violent Jihad against non-Muslims? How many support Israel’s right to exist? How many of the jihadists hide (or find support) among the general population?

I do not wish for any innocents–Christian, Druze, or Muslim–to be harmed, but Israel is fighting for its very existence. They must do what is necessary to crush those who have no respect for innocent Israeli life.

Israel is not trying to “blow up the world.” They’re just defending themselves against our common enemy.

The blood of innocents is upon Hizballah and Hamas.


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