The Religion of Non-Violence threatening…more violence

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2006 at 10:25 AM
A warning of the Golden Age of Islamic Tolerance being revived in Alexandria from our friend Neferteeti.

It is worth noting that a deceiver in the Comments is taking advantage of what many Western leftists provide: an uncritical and craven echoing of Islam’s propaganda.

It is always the “unbeliever’s” fault for Muslim violence. It is always Israel, or Iraq, or insert-name-of-victim-of-Islam’s-violence-here’s fault.

What Islam’s propagandists (and the Left’s Useful Idiots) fail to consider is that Allah’s War Against Humanity has been ongoing and global for almost fourteen hundred years. Iraq is three years old. Israel is nearly sixty.

The West’s leaders have failed. In their slavish devotion to political correctness, they have not prepared their people for what is to come, and they allow our Christian brothers and sisters (and other non-Muslims–our natural allies in this War of Self-Defense Against the Malevolence of Allah) to suffer and die needlessly.

Will the West continue to handicap itself in its defense against Islam? Will it continue to turn a blind eye to those in dire need? Must the tragedy of Constantinople be played out again forever?

  1. Anonymous, your comments will be addressed in a new post.

  2. Anonymous, your comments will be addressed in a new post.

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