There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Islam preaches violence

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2007 at 2:07 PM

Unless you are a sentient being.

The following appears to offer some useful factual information to those willing to wade past the hateful language, redundancy, and pseudo-psychoanalysis and through the blanket, anti-religious bigotry (talk about throwing the bathwater on the baby!):

Muslims . . . set his [Mohammed’s] life as the perfect example to follow for all mankind (al-insan al-kamil).

Perfection as in:

  • the decapitation of the prisoners of the Banu Qurayza
  • the attack on the Khaybar Oasis
  • the murders of Asma bint Marwan and Abu Afak for mocking Muhammad
  • the marriage to little Aisha @6 and consummation at 9

For over 1400 years devout believers practiced Muhammad’s example through . . . dawa, demographics, dhimmitude, and ultimately death to those of dar ul-harb [Jihad] . . .

Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)

All this time, providing countless examples of ‘religiously inspired’ murder, rape, slavery, extortion (jizyah), modern age pedophilia, piracy, thievery, deceit, fraud, desecration . . . all traits valued as the highest of morals in what some want to call ‘one of the three great monotheisms’ . . . and encompass all these ‘virtues’ as a religion . . . Islam.


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