He’s being humble

In 1400 years of Jihad, Affad Shaikh, CAIR, Constantinople, Deceiving non-Muslims, False Muslim civility, Spanish Reconquista on July 20, 2007 at 3:31 PM

Only if “humble” means “ignorant” and “disingenuous.”

I wrote:

By the way, where did I mention the fall of Constantinople?

Affad replied:

You didn’t. There probably is no reason to mention the fall of Constantinople, either. Except the fact that your address starts with 1453, the year Constantinople fell to Mehmet, and then it had Haga Sophia, plus I don’t know, the address listed Constantinople CA, which doesn’t really exist so I assumed I was dealing with someone who lives in a historical bubble, oh did I mention the fact that they use the name of a Saint who is glorified for killing Moors- North African Muslims?

I don’t know much that I remember about history, but I do remember little bits here and there. Or maybe I am being humble. Don’t know, I do think dealing with a fictional characters is causing me to make believe to much.

Thanks Iago, do take care. I hope you kill some Moors today.

So I wrote:

I guess the thin veneer of your false civility is beginning to wear through.

I wouldn’t consider incomplete and confused historical recollections a reason to brag about “being humble.” They truly are “little bits.”

And considering your inability (or unwillingness) to recount accurately the history of your prophet, butchering the historical record of his victims is unsurprising:

Santiago Matamoros was the Spanish patron saint of the Reconquista, which lasted almost eight centuries. Whom did the Spanish have to fight to reclaim their own land?

Constantinople fell after centuries of periodic offensive warfare by whom?

I suppose the Mohammedan hordes that laid siege to, slaughtered and enslaved the native inhabitants of those lands were just “struggling inwardly,” right?

I. Matamoros

P.S., It is curious that when I entered the information requested at your website under Hate Incidents (that’s ironic!), two times (iirc) I received this error message:

“Oops! The page you are trying to access has been removed or does not exist. If you feel you have reached this page by mistake, please contact us at”

That’s why I e-mailed.

Is that just your way of screening your messages?

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