Refusing to connect the dots

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2007 at 8:47 AM

It’s all a Great Mystery. Muslim immigrants come to this country, attend mosques and visit Islamic web sites, and become “radicals.” And our government officials, law enforcement, and the Media have no idea how it could happen (over and over and over again). After years of this pattern of behavior, is there no one in a leadership position able to connect the dots?

This is equivalent to, during World War II, noticing Nazis killing Jews and invading, occupying, and slaughtering their neighbors and then offering the disclaimers “We’re not talking about all Nazis,” or, “There is no connection between Nazi ideology and Nazi violence,” or, “Nazism is a great world ideology hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists,” or, “Nazism inspires genocide? What are you, some kind of Germanophobe. (Of course, Islam is an ideology, not a race. “Naziophobe” didn’t quite have the same ring.)

In a news report today, law enforcement warned the public about the terrorist threat posed by recent Muslim immigrants, stating that they gravitate to mosques and web sites where they adopt the “radical” ideology. The spokesman also noted that it is very difficult to identify these terrorists because they blend into the larger Muslim population so well.

The report ended with a disclaimer that the government was not unfairly discriminating against Muslims.

This is another example of our politically-correct, dhimmi government officials and media subduing their intellect (and compromising the American people’s safety) in order to avoid stating the obvious connection between Islam and Islamic terrorism.

Even without knowing Islamic “sacred” texts, Americans intuitively understand from Muslim mayhem and murder carried out around the world in the name of Allah that perhaps there is something about Islam that inspires such barbarism.


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