Speaking of false information

In Crusades, Daniel Pipes, Hitler, Hitler's Mufti, Nazism, Sudan, The truth about Islam on March 15, 2008 at 4:37 AM

A comment just submitted here in response to adel aldalali:

First of all, the Nazis were christians and not Muslims. The affair in the Darfur region of Sudan is among Muslims and not Muslims vs Christians. and after all the USA (Christian state) wiped out two million Vietnamese few decades ago, more than 600,000 Iraqis are dead and more to die, let alone the thousands in South America under the name of fighting communisim.

It’s the the queen of Spain who forced people to change their faith or be expelled from their homes after eight hundreds years of peace and harmony under Islamic rule where mosques, synagogs, and churches stood next to each other. It’s the cursaderes who butchered jews and muslims when they conquered jerusalem. and to the contrary Saladin the muslim warrior who won jerusalem back again shown nothing but mercy and peace even to those who had blood in their hands. and many more examples.

How dishonest of you!

First, that any of the Germans who supported Nazism were Christians means they should have known better, because Christ forbids the evil they committed. Second, when Christians commit such barbarity, it is contrary to their God’s commands. When Muslims slaughter non-Muslims who refuse to submit to Allah, it is in accord with their god’s commands and their false prophet’s example. Third, Hitler was no Christian. He despised the faith for its “weakness,” but admired Islam. [Fourth, Islam allied itself with Nazism, with even the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem touring Hitler’s works and exhorting its agents to work diligently killing Jews.] Finally, the several millions killed by Nazism is what Islam calls, “a start.”

How many have been butchered by Allah over the last nearly one and one-half millennia? Hundreds of millions? Billions? How many enslaved? Maimed? Raped, just as Mohammed said and did?

With regard to Sudan, your comment is, unsurprisingly, only half the truth. Islam had been slaughtering Black Christians and animists [there] for years before concern about Darfur became fashionable.

As for the wars against Communism, those were wars against tyranny and for Liberty. Being Muslim, you naturally find that offensive.

In Iraq, Coalition forces removed a brutal dictator who oppressed, tortured, and exterminated many Muslims. Why do you not thank America and its allies? The deaths today of any innocent Musilms is due to their (and your) co-religionists.

Finally, Spain had to fight for nearly eight centuries to regain its freedom from Islamic tyranny, the first Crusade was called to defend fellow Christians under siege for centuries by Islam, and you can hardly call a monster serving his own self-interest “merciful.”


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