Islam may be "The Religion of Peace," but it is certainly not a religion of truth

In Ali Eteraz, Appeasers and Useful Idiot Dhimmis, Deceiving non-Muslims, The truth about Islam on April 22, 2008 at 1:30 AM

More from here, since Muslims do not stop lying.
04/22/08 4:34 am

So much for legendary Muslim civility

Let’s see, BK,

My comment’s length was necessary to quickly but sufficiently orient readers here unfamiliar with Islamic “sacred” texts who might otherwise be deceived by the nonsense Eteraz asserts.

As to the other descriptors, my post was pointing out the perfect word of Allah, the example of Mohammed, and Muslim perfidy in their defense.

You call that “crazy.”

Allah will not be pleased.

04/22/08 4:38 am

Not equivalent situations

If Christians were destroying property and lives over blasphemous depictions of Christ, it would make the news.

If Muslims want to stop receiving bad press, they ought to stop enslaving, slaughtering, and threatening to enslave or slaughter non-Muslims.

04/22/08 5:06 am

Speaking of masquerading haters . . .

That’s quite a clumsy and transparent attempt to avoid addressing the fact that Allah and Mohammed require the slaughter of non-Muslims and apostates.

On the chance that a reader here might be tempted to give your or Eteraz’s comments any credence, I will address a few of your “points.”

I am not associated with Eteraz.

I remember you from a thread at his site. Different page, same tune.

I think it is impolite to bring vitriole to a blog I am not too
familiar with

False civility about to vanish in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .



False, ad hominem, and a red herring, since the issue is Allah and Mohammed’s requiring the faithful to enslave or slaughter all who refuse the “invitation” to Islam.

How dishonest, but then Mohammed did declare, “War is deceit,” didn’t he?

What Wilders and other nuts at Jihadwatch, etc. do is pretend that Islam is a religion of 4 or 5 verses which should be interpreted by Wilders as absolute and throw out all other Chapters and Verses of the Holy Quran, especially the contradictory ones, and throw out the context and make everything relevant to European nativism, racism and isolationism.

Several falsehoods in just a few lines! Quite impressive, BK!

1) “nuts at Jihadwatch” is an ad hominem attack and again avoids the ugly truth of your ideology.

2) No one is pretending that Islam is “4 or 5 verses;” rather than misrepresent my or others’ positions, why not deal with Allah’s malevolence?

3) As for the “contradictory ones,” doesn’t the fact that your god contradicts itself concern you?

And aren’t you familar with naskh, the doctrine of Abrogation? Surely you know that when a later passage contradicts an earlier one, the later revelation stands. That’s why Mohammed’s early tolerance and cooperation were replaced with murderous bloodlust.

4) False charges of “nativism, racism, and isolationism” are meant to distract attention from the fact that you worship a god and prophet who require the conversion, enslavement, or death of all non-Muslims to make the world Islam.

Why don’t you do something about that?

Rabid anti-Muslim rhetoric is SUCH a bore.

I quote Mohammed, but you call it a “bore.”

Allah will not be pleased.

Both of you have had you hand played for you for the past six or eight years by the neocons and to no avail. The middle east has not been recast in your image like a Golden Calf to worship.

Another false charge meant to avoid the real issue, which is: Islam kills.

On one side, we have al-Qaeda. And on
the other, we have these nuts.

Equating those who kill in Allah’s name, at his command, and in accord with his apostle’s example with those who report on those commands and example.

You have no shame, do you?

Hate speak and haters masquerading as human rights champions

I will continue to expose the perfidy of such people — people like you — as I have opportunity.

04/22/08 5:30 am

Last reply for the night

So many non-Muslim have become experts on quoting the Qarun to preach and condemn the violent and offensive parts of it. But these same peopl have not read the Bible (old and New Testament) and found the violent and offensive parts of it, otherwise they wouldn’t be acting so sanctimonious.

That is an admission that Qur’an contains “violent and offensive parts.” That’s a step in the right direction.

However, your implication that the violence in Qur’an (and Sunnah) is of the same kind as that recorded in certain Biblical texts is a tu quoque argument. That’s dishonest of you.

The Islamic texts require the enslavement or slaughter of all non-Muslims who refuse the “invitation” to Islam.

Violence recorded in the Bible includes: 1) Accounts of what people have done; 2) Capital punishment under the Mosaic Law for the people of Israel only; and 3) A one-time, narrowly-focused, limited command for Israel to wage war against several nations.

There is no Biblical command to war against anyone on the basis of their religion. In fact, Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” and “treat your neighbor as yourself.”

Where is that in Islam for non-Muslims? Instead, you have passages like 9:5: “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them . . . .”

like him have nothing to say about the fact that the Untied Statas accepts trillions of
dollars of investment money from the Saudis.

Spurious. That is a growing threat to America and serves to highlight the greed of our politicians.

the Untied States makes billions of dollars selling weapons to Saudi Arabia,

Arming those funding the global jihad is foolish.

You have nothing to say baout the fact that certain Western
coutnries while preaching human rights and democracy, go around
engaging in regime chage (even democratically ellected ones) and
support brutal dictators and kings who do their bidding?

Saddam was removed to protect American interests.

Was he not a “brutal dictator”?

As for Christians murdering and raping (another tu quoque!), it should be noted that when a Christian does such things, it is always in direct opposition to Christ’s command and example.

However, when Muslims commit such crimes against non-Muslims who refuse conversion or submission, it is in obedience to Allah’s command and Mohammed’s example.

But I guess you and Geert Willders are not too concerned about these
Christians because the United Staes, Israel, and Europe benefit from
the diamonds and other natural resources, sales of weapons and the
slave labor.

As a matter of fact, I am currently enjoying [the] diamonds and natural resources prepared for me by my slave labor.

Another spurious ad hominem attack.

Renounce Mohammed’s depravity and you will gain credibility.


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