Government is the problem, not the solution

In Government is the problem, Liberals aid jihad, Oil on May 28, 2008 at 11:28 PM

Actually, politicians are the problem. Still, Reagan was right.

An accident of geology has led to the greatest transfer of wealth in human history over the last forty years, and this from non-Muslims to Allah. The demand for oil has financed the resurgence of traditional, Qur’anic Islam and its concomitant global jihad against us.

In other words, we are financing our own slaughter.

Our politicians’ decades-old refusal to discover and develop our own traditional and alternative sources of energy (especially nuclear) has kept us dependent on Muslim oil. And certainly — as demonstrated by Saudi Arabia’s recent blow to President Bush’s face when he asked for more oil to flow (why are we aiding their nuclear program, exactly?) — the global jihad uses more than just suicide belts, rockets, and civilian airliners to “fight in the cause of Allah.”

There is another way in which American politicians harm their employers, keeping us busy just treading water (after all, citizens who have to spend all their energy working just to survive don’t have time to hold politicians accountable for their decisions, and people struggling to get by must be a bit more susceptible to the influence of election-year promises from someone “fighting for them”), and our Republican in the White House has been as guilty as any big-government liberal of it.

With one hand, the President and Congress reduced taxes, but with the other, they continue to print money as needed to buy votes.

What is the effect of increasing the supply of something? Its value lessens. As everything becomes more expensive, the American people become poorer. I have not received recently a thirty-percent raise to cover inflation, and I know no one who has.

In other words, 0ur politicians are impoverishing slowly and subtly all but the wealthiest.

If the American people allow this to continue, a young person saving today for their retirement will find when they get there — just as everyone who’s ever told a story about ten-cent hamburgers when they were a kid has found — that the dollar they saved will be worth only pennies.

On our own politicians increasing the cost of oil, from here:

“a recent analysis of oil prices over the past 50 years adjusted for the increase in the money supply as measured by a gauge known as M3 lays the blame for surging petro prices squarely at the feet of Uncle Sam particularly the Federal Reserve. ‘By rapidly increasing the money supply and thereby decreasing the value of the dollar the government is solely responsible for the increase in the oil price ‘ writes Paul van Eeden president of Toronto-based Cranberry Capital a private investment company”


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