You don’t have to say, "Calvin," to promote his heresy

In Calvinism, Double Predestination, Limited Atonement on September 20, 2008 at 1:40 AM

In response to comments from Stan:

The first insult you certainly intend is to use the term “god” (instead of “God”)

Your god creates people for Hell. Your god did not pay for all men’s sins. Your god does not work to save all men.

Your god is not the God of the Bible.

The second intended insult is the constant use of Calvin’s name as if there is a connection on my end.

For not knowing Calvin, you sure argue Calvin.

You’ve defended at least Double Predestination, Limited Atonement, and Irresistible Grace.

I have never referenced Calvin. I have always referenced Scripture.

You don’t have to say, “Calvin,” to promote his heresy.

You have taken one or two phrases, divorced them from their contexts, elevated your logic over the Word of God, and denied the clear testimony of the rest of Scripture.

You maintain an absolute, insistent denial that anyone can get their beliefs based on Scripture that differ from yours.

I’ve cited Scripture for everything I’ve said and I’ve asked you to do the same.

God speaks clearly.

If I am misrepresenting Scripture, show me from Scripture. If you cannot — and if you cannot demonstrate from Scripture the truth of what you claim — then I would suggest that some revising is in order.

In other words, you refuse to show gentleness and respect, demands from Peter (1 Peter 3:15).

“Gentleness and respect” is not a euphemism for “tolerate falsehood.”

If you speak the words of God the way He intends them, we will agree.

Christ has reconciled and justified all. Those who reject His sacrifice for sins are on their own.” Allow me a parallel. I go to the people to whom you owe large sums of money and I pay the debt. I don’t simply make the payment available; I pay it. At this point, what do you owe? If those people came to you, then, and demanded payment, it wouldn’t be fair or, worse, just. It would be criminal. Yet you are saying that all are justified and then arguing that some can still end up paying for the sin you say is paid for.

No, YHWH is saying that.

I quote the Word of God. You use flawed human analogies that end up contradicting His clear word.

Which pleases Him?

That you must resort to obviously flawed analogies demonstrates that your positions are without Scriptural support.

Your way has God holding people in Heaven against their will.

I read “justified” and understand it in its biblical term: “declared just before God”. You cannot.

That’s ironic.

Obviously you believe that a rebuke is far better than a dialog, that jumping in with both feet is better than actually trying to understand, and charity in all things is not a quality to practice.

That’s charitable?

Therefore, it is abundantly clear that you won’t understand me and I won’t understand you. In deference to your strong distaste for biblical viewpoints that don’t align with yours, I’ll leave it at that.

Asking for you to produce Scriptural support for claims that blaspheme the Living God is not being mean.

You want me to agree with positions that contradict the clear Word of God.

I will not.


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