What does it mean when one names himself proudly after a genocidal butcher and homosexual, pedophilic rapist?

In Deceiving non-Muslims, False Muslim civility, Israel, The truth about Islam on March 2, 2009 at 6:32 PM

It means you’ve got a Muslim, since Allah calls the monster Mohammed a “beautiful pattern of conduct for those who want to please” him (Qur’an 33:21).

Yes, that warning screaming in your head is telling you the truth. Listen to it. Don’t suppress it. And don’t blame me. Yes, a Muslim who wants to please Allah should slaughter, rape (including little girls as young as nine), enslave, lie, steal, and teach others to do the same and call it “divine.”

Not too long ago I found a review of a game dealing with a conflict in the Middle East (also known as the jihad against Israel) here. I left a comment wondering if the game touches on the Source and Sustenance of Islamic bloodlust against our only ally in the region.

A comment from one calling himself Mehmed II appeared asking:

İs it here the right place to make comments about political sitıations?


write reviews about games, which will be played by all the people from all religions?

Here is my reply:


You name yourself after the perverted butcher and boy-rapist who sacked Constantinople in 1453. That’s the kind of class I expect from a Muslim.

Nice touch. You really get a kick out of insulting non-Muslims when they don’t know it, don’t you?

As to your question, until people of one religion stop slaughtering members of other religions at their god and prophet’s command, games like this will be made.

On Mehmed II and the fall of Constantinople:

“Thousands of civilians were enslaved, soldiers fought over young boys and young women . . . the invaders broke the heads of those women who resisted on the floor of the churches and they raped them dead. The famous icon of Apostole Loukas was totally destroyed.

“The sultan asked for the young sons of Duke Loukas Notaras. Their father refused and Mehmed was ready to take their heads. Notaras asked him to kill him after his sons so that he was sure that they were dead and not disgraced from the . . . sultan.

“And this is what happened.”


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