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In America, Resisting Jihad on June 16, 2009 at 7:20 PM

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  1. Significant!

    Iranians Have A New Chant.

    In addition to "Allah-o-Akbar" the crowds are now loudly chanting…

    "Marg bar Dictator!"
    "Death To The Dictator!"


  2. Hello, Reb,

    That may be a positive sign. I hope it is not just so that they can install their own dictator.

    I spoke to an Iranian Muslim today. He says that the people are protesting for freedom. Oddly, he equated this uprising with the Iranian Revolution in '79 which put the current government in power.

    Even worse, he used "we" in describing those who deposed the shah and established the Islamic tyrants.

    I noticed also Iranians protesting against the government here in American cities. Why don't they protest like that when it's Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims dying at the hands of Allah?

  3. Iran Vs Iran

    The Shah broke with the centuries
    of ancient traditions, introducing
    modernism and scholarship, and this infuriated the followers of Ali.

    Today, it's the age of instant communication, and that's another serious threat to infallible, one-man theocratic rule.

    Kim Joung Il, Saddam Hussein, and the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomeinei
    are relics of an age that is no longer viable.

    Thomas Jefferson's First Amendment Principles are the best hope for future generations of muslim, and also for non-muslim cultures everywhere.

    James Madison said, "In America we must have a muliplicity of religious sects, so that one (sect) cannot become too powerful, and then oppress and persecute the rest."

    These two men must have loved their
    history books! reb

  4. Mr "A", There's Good News Tonight…

    At Last! Mohamed has recorded his Opening Statement on Snake Hunters 'Memorial Parade' post. We look forward to your clear response. reb

  5. Islam is Great, IF your a Muslim Apologist for the Qur'an.

    Never, is there an offer to deal with Wahhabi Theology, or the ever-spreading tentacles of The Muslim
    Brotherhood, or the suicidal bombs in Mumbai, Madrid, London, or the
    3,000 innocent dead in NYC on 9/11.

    Never a word about Neda, shot dead on the bloody streets of Tehran, and the brutal shiite crackdown that is ongoing today.

    Must we "negotiate" with these wild donkeys, as they enrich U-235?

    Should we maintain a "measured response" while hoping for Change?

    reb __________________________________

  6. Yet, our "devout Christian" president who was never a Muslim until he was one, says we must "respect" Islam.

    How can one "respect" sacralized genocide, rape of women and children, slavery, mutilation, and religious and gender discrimination?

    No, there can be no respect for Islam, nor for those who knowingly defend that vile filth.

  7. Mr "A" – Hoping your computer problem been resolved (?) Mohamed Fadly is waiting for your Opening Statement on Memorial Parade post.

    I'm unfamiliar w/ 'Safe Mode'. The Tech Stuff is beyond me.

    We also have a Windows XP, and an adequate firewall to discourage those nasty hackers, and their rude, unsolicited comments.

    Regards, reb

  8. It seems as though it was Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP that was at fault.

    Once I removed that, XP stopped locking up after restarting.

  9. Perhaps it was the drive or some other component (SATA cable? Motherboard? PSU?) dying.

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