Profanity only adds to the impression of obvious Muslim tolerance and erudition

In Defending jihad, Dialogue with Muslims, False Muslim civility, The truth about Islam on July 15, 2009 at 4:40 PM

From bignasxl, also concerned about the volatile combination of my ability to read at grade-level and my possession of Islamic texts.

Once infidels start reading, they start getting ideas, they start thinking for themselves. Who knows where the madness will end?

Someone might . . . tell the truth?

i quote you mad? Well i guess you are mad and thats why you spoke about the quran which you have no knowledge of.In particular about killing non muslims as that was only done in war asshole.No real muslim can go aroung killing kafirs just because they arrenot us…Are you insane?Oh yead you did say the statement your mad

Blame Muhammad, not me. Those are his words, not mine.

You sound like a reasonable and rational Muslim, bignasxl. Not at all intolerant or prone to irrational and violent outbursts, which is itself just an ugly stereotype propagated by the Zionist-controlled media. No basis in fact at all, at all.

Profanity only adds to the impression of your obvious tolerance and erudition.

You claim again that I do not know Qur’an. As I stated in my last note to you, it should be easy to point out my error. Why don’t you?

One fact you may have missed in your years of careful exploration of the Islamic texts is that even if the killing is “only done in war asshole,” Islam is in a state of permanent war against against the non-Muslim world “until all religion is for Allah.” You remember that verse, right?

I know that only the caliph can call for offensive jihad, but since even “unbelief” is considered a crime against Allah and an oppression of Muslims (“mischief” anyone?), guess what? You’ve got your justification for “war asshole”!

Surely, even you can read your own prophet’s commands to slaughter those who refuse the “invitation” to Islam and to paying jizya.

The least you can do is be honest about it.

(By the way, you wrote “mad” when you meant “made.” I was quoting you.)


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