Unintentionally recognizing the brilliance and integrity of Amillennialist Contra Mundum

In The truth about Islam on July 16, 2009 at 4:03 PM

I’m guessing this image is not an expression of someone’s perverse sense of humor, but the result of Google’s use of advanced, monetizing, irony-identifying algorithms.

Or, this is a misguided attempt at corrupting good Muslims, since that woman’s chin is clearly visible.

I suppose it’s only appropriate that a site which quotes accurately the perfect, immutable (by everyone but Muhammad) word of Allah and the words of its apostle would trigger ads for a Muslim dating service.

She looks too happy. I’m guessing she hasn’t read the fine print yet.

  1. Mr "A", I am delighted to report that Mohamed Fadly has recorded our request on Phase II, 'Muslim Women's Rights & Privileges' –

    Before you respond, you may wish to review our February/March Posts – simply tap S/H Archives –
    on related subject matter by Dr Michael Widlanski, Victor David Hanson, and Egyptian Author Nonie Darwish. reb

  2. Thank you, Mr. Reb.

    I intend to reply to Mohamed's latest as soon as I can; I've been tied up at Topix, Hannity's, YouTube, and Totten's.

    Funny you should leave the comment notifying me of Mohamed's work on women's rights in Islam on this post.



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