In America, Barack Hussein Obama, Economics, Government is the problem, Socialism, The Decline and Fall of the American Republic on July 26, 2009 at 8:14 AM

Obama and his minions are bankrupting and disarming the nation.

The constitutional law professor and his co-conspirators are expert at violating the Document they swore to defend, pushing us hard into Socialism:

They broke the economy under Bush 43 by sabotaging home ownership.

They’ve taken control of financial institutions.

They’ve taken control of domestic auto production.

They’re trying to drive us into the Stone Age with Cap-and-Trade.

They’re about to take control of your medical care.

Now, we the American taxpayer — and our descendants into perpetuity — are responsible for (potentially) at least $24 trillion.

And he and his fellow fascists work to silence dissent in media and online.

Freedom of assembly and the Right to bear arms are also under attack.

Obama can apologize to Islam, the most malevolent, vile, and perverse ideology in human history; let him apologize to the American people.

He can bow to the Islamic tyrant of Saudi Arabia; let him bow to the American people by obeying — not “empathizing with” (usurping) — our Constitution.

Make the thieves in Congress and the White House pay back every cent they’ve stolen from the American people.

Demand their immediate resignation — or impeach — every greedy and incompetent politician who by commission or omission have led us to the precipice.

And while we’re at it, enforce our borders, abolish the Federal Reserve, the income, death, and all other oppressive taxes, all entitlement programs, and every other anti-Liberty law, code, provision, addendum, and executive order thrust upon us over the last century.

The crisis is upon us. Restore Liberty.

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