That’s like saying Winston Churchill recruited Nazis by telling the truth about Hitler

In Appeasers and Useful Idiot Dhimmis, Ignorant and gullible Infidels, India, Michael J. Totten, The truth about Islam on July 26, 2009 at 7:06 AM

A commenter posted:

It is far more certain that China and Russia will act towards their self preservation against radical threats than the certainty of your thinking. What evidence suggests they will not act and have not acted already?

What is “my thinking” exactly?

Judging from your careful attention to detail and command of basic facts, I doubt you’re able to articulate it.

I was agreeing that China and Russia have their own jihads about which to worry. My “short-sighted” comment was pointing out that in Russia’s case, even though they’ve got Chechnyan Muslims slaughtering and raping their schoolchildren, they still see fit to aid Iran.

China has one advantage as a totalitarian Communist regime: It can do what is necessary to stop its butchers without worrying about world opinion.

And now you are more of an expert than Jamal? Gee, can I attend your lectures probably filled with your reciting the Koran. What does the death of Hindus at the hands of the Taliban prove in denying his claim? In fact, he says they were created for this purpose, yes?

The Taliban have been around since the 1990’s. I was referring to Islam’s jihad invasions of India over the last 1400 years. You know all about them, obviously.

In 638, the jihad invasions of Hindu India began. What was Kashmir then? India.

So were Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

In that case, the “Kashmir problem” is that India didn’t give it up yet.

In effect, you’re blaming India for defending itself against jihad.

If all you can imagine that will defuse the Kasmir conflict is death or conversion of Muslims

Where did I write that? You are not honest.

no wonder your talking points are so repetitive and lack resonation in the Free world.
That is probably your final solution? Ah, now I see the connection to the neo-Nazis.

Keep it up. You do understand you are one of the best recruitment tools the jihadists have.

How deceitful — how shameless and disgusting — to appropriate the language used against the victims of the Holocaust in order to benefit those who’d like to carry out another one.

As if Muslims will listen to and obey a “ludicrous infidel.”

That’s like saying Winston Churchill recruited Nazis by telling the truth about Hitler.


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