Nuclear Iran: At a certain point, non-Muslims around the world can only hope for a revitalized Sunni/Shi’ite "theological debate"

In Barack Hussein Obama, Defending jihad, Iran, The truth about Islam on July 30, 2009 at 6:55 AM

I do not see that there is much to discuss regarding Iran. The Islamic Paradise already funds, supplies materiel, and trains and provides personnel to carry out terrorism against Israel and Lebanon — even against Jews in Argentina — and targets Americans in Iraq.

A-jad gives speeches about a world without Israel (and eventually, America), he’s working to gain nukes while slaughtering his own people, he’s expressed his willingness to trade one of his own cities for Israel in a nuclear exchange, and the Leader of the Free World, the Most Powerful Man on Earth, wants to talk.

Unless America replaces B. Hussein and his courtiers with people who understand jihad before Iran can gain their nukes, Israel’s going to have to go it alone and defend themselves.

If Iran is successful in gaining nukes, Saudi Arabia will want its own arsenal. Jihadists in Pakistan only have to take control of their own. Then you’ve got an Islamic nuclear arms race.

At that point, non-Muslims around the world can only hope for a revitalized Sunni/Shi’ite “theological debate,” something which President Bush, if he had understood Islam at all, would have been encouraging the moment Saddam fell and we did not find large quantities of WMD.

If the world’s Muslims can steal trillions in jizya from infidels with only oil and name-calling, imagine what they’ll be able to extract from the Spineless and Clueless with the threat of a really, really big bang.


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