Religion of Perpetual Paranoid Rage and Misplaced Priorities burns alive Christians in Pakistan

In Defending jihad, Islam's "divinely" sanctioned persecution of Christian, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Pakistan, The truth about Islam on August 3, 2009 at 4:12 PM

Slaughtering Christians over “defiling” a Qur’an. Even if it were true, which is more valuable, paper or people?

How is it possible to defile that which is already profane, again?

From here:

Paramilitary troops patrolled the streets of a town in eastern Pakistan yesterday after Muslim radicals burned to death eight members of a Christian family, raising fears of violence spreading to other areas.

Hundreds of armed supporters of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an outlawed Islamic militant group, burned dozens of Christian homes in Gojra over the weekend after allegations that a copy of the Koran had been defiled.

The mob opened fire indiscriminately, threw gas bombs and looted houses as thousands of frightened Christians ran for safety. “They were shouting anti-Christian slogans and attacked our houses,” Rafiq Masih, a resident of the predominantly Christian colony, said. Residents said that police stood aside while the mob went on the rampage. “We kept begging for protection, but police did not take action,” Masih said.

Police and local officials said that at least eight people, including four women and a child, were killed in the fires. Two others died of gunshot wounds. Residents said that the casualties were much higher; one claimed that the number of dead could be in the dozens as many bodies were still buried under the rubble. Shahbaz Bhatti, the Minister for Minorities, said that 40 Christian homes were torched in rioting. He said there was no truth to allegations that a Koran had been defiled, and accused the police of ignoring his appeal to provide protection to Christians.

Tension started mounting last week after Muslims accused three Christian youths of burning a copy of the Koran. They denied the allegations, but clerics called for their death. On Saturday, hundreds of supporters of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an outlawed Sunni sectarian group, poured into the town from surrounding districts. The group is believed to have close links with Al Qaeda and has been involved in several terrorist attacks targeting security forces in recent years.

Television footage showed armed men running through the streets, gunfire, and women and children wailing. Blackened furniture lay outside burning homes, while a group of people rushed a man suffering from burns on a cart through the streets. Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister, said that the paramilitary troops were sent after police and the local administration failed to control the situation. Security forces were also placed on high alert to prevent violence from spreading to other towns of Punjab.

  1. They don't have any problem with defiling Christianity, Christians, Jews, or anybody else that doesn't "submit" to Islam. Christians and Jews are their target and they are using everything in their power, including law-fare.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth


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  3. Thanks, Krulayar.

    Allah is generous. I thought his endorsing Muhammad as a "beautiful pattern of conduct for those who want to please" him was enough to show his greatness, but now this?

    When you add to that allah-sanctioned blasphemy, genocide, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, theft, and deceit, doesn't a sign in the sky seem superfluous?

  4. Lot of bad things get done in God's name, muslims don't have a monopoly on it.

  5. "Lot of bad things get done in God's name, muslims don't have a monopoly on it."

    It pretty much looks like a monopoly to me.

    I see no other oganized religion killing and torturing on the scale that Islam does without their "holy men' condemning it.

    Where is the outrage by the average Muslim. There is scant little of it.

    Please don't take me back several hundred years…I am well familiar with the sins of Christians past (trying to save the world from Islam- which they did).

    I am talking about today. In the here and now, Islam is the culprit in 90+% of the terrorism in the world.

    That is a fact.

  6. Graycrow,

    I agree with theoldadam, obviously.

    All of us are wretched sinners.

    The difference between Islam and all other religions is that Muhammad made violating basic human decency "holy."

    The difference between Islam and Christianity in particular is that Muhammad made blaspheming the Living God, persecuting His Son, and violating all Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule "sacred."

    That is where your false moral relativism, your false tu quoque, falls on its scimitar.

    So, why are you defending "sacralized" blasphemy, genocide, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, extortion, theft, and deceit?

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