Word frequency is the other god’s best defense

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But DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, pay attention to what the words actually mean.

In response to more Islamic apologia in the Comments here at ACM:


I didn’t realize it was you, Graycrow.

So, “in the interests of fairness and LOVE,” you libel the Son of God, defend doctrines from hell “sacralizing” blasphemy, genocide, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, vandalism, extortion, theft, and deceit, and defame Reb.

You’ve gone from saying “Christianity is just as bad as Islam,” to “Mohamed used a word twice as much, so he wins.”

That is not progress.

You’ve got one problem:

Jesus commanded, “Love your enemies.”

Muhammad commanded and practiced, “kill the idolaters wherever you find them.”

Jesus poured out His blood for the sins of all.

Allah demands the blood of all who refuse to submit be poured out.

Jesus died on a cross to give Heaven to all.

Allah promises Paradise to all who kill for him.

And you count words. Why would you do that?

Such “analysis” is antithetical to truth.

Using your criterion, since Mr. Fadly and I were discussing the commands of Allah and the example of Muhammad, his double use of the word “love” means that Mohamed was only half-as-truthful as I was.

But then, this little exercise was not about me or Mohamed (it is dishonest of you to engage in ad hominem).

This debate was about what Muhammad and his allah commanded and practiced as defined by Islam’s “sacred” texts.

Though how often a word is used means nothing apart from how that word is used, a search of Qur’an at The Compendium of Muslim Texts turns up 70 passages using the word “love.”

A search of the ESV turns up the word 552 times.

Does that mean that YHWH is almost eight times more loving than than Allah?

One God died for the sins of all.

The other god requires that “unbelievers” die for him.

The other god commands blasphemy against the God Who is love.

The other god commands genocide, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, vandalism, extortion, theft, and deceit against all who refuse the “invitation” to its religion.

Is that love?

Devout Muslim terrorists say, “We love death.”

According to your “analysis,” they’re winners.

Speaking of an “existential wasteland.”

  1. Snake Hunbters said:

    In re-reading your comments, and Rory's blurb,
    an old poem popped into my head…'The Hell-bound Train'. Are you familiar with It? The author is unknown to me. I'll dig it up. reb


  2. No, Reb, I am not.

    I look forward to it.




    A drunken cowboy, on a bar-room floor
    Had drunk so much he could hold no more
    So he fell asleep with a troubled brain
    To dream that he rode on the hell-bound train

    The engine, with murderous blood was damp
    And brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp
    An Imp, for fuel was shoveling bones
    And the furnace rang with a thousand groans

    The boiler was filled with Lager beer
    And the Devil himself was the engineer
    The passengers were a most motley crew
    Church-menber, Atheist, Gentile, Muslim & Jew

    Rich men in broadcloth, beggars in rags
    Handsome young ladies, and withered old hags
    Red men & yellow, black, brown and white
    All chained together, Oh God, what a sight

    As the train rushed on at a terrible pace
    Fumes from the boiler scorched their hands & face
    Then, out of the distance there arose a yell
    Aha, said the Devil, we're nearing Hell!

    Then O how the passengers all shrieked with pain
    And begged the Devil to stop the train
    Oh no, said the Devil, you've paid for this hire
    So I'll land you safely in the Lake of Fire!

    Then the cowboy awoke with an anguished cry
    He was covered with sweat, & hair standing high
    Then he prayed, as he never prayed 'til that hour
    To be saved from his sins, and the demon's power

    And his prayers and his vows were not in vain
    For he never rode…The Hell-Bound Train!


    (From a flawed memory-bank, I hope it's correct)


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