Rifqa Bary faces death at hands of own murderous Muslim parents

In Islam's "divinely" sanctioned persecution of Christian, Islamic misogyny, Rifqa Bary, The truth about Islam on August 18, 2009 at 2:39 AM

This is Islam. Monsters.

Notice the young lady’s clear statement: Her parents’ devotion requires them to kill her.

“If they love Allah more than me, then they have to do it.”

“Religion of Peace! Religion of Peace!”

This is what the Leader of the Free World demands you respect, that to which he bows and apologizes:

  1. This poor girl.

    What kind of a Godless religion would do this to someone?

    Islam…that's what kind.

    What a disgusting, vile religion. I'm sure the devil is quite pleased with parents killing their own children because they wore make-up or didn't shroud themselves in a bag over their face.

    What a horrible, and false religion.

  2. Sir Amillennialist,

    Check out Mohamed Fadly's new posting;
    fascinating stuff! reb

  3. Sir Amillennialist,

    As of this date, there is a curious silence when I asked Mohamed Fadly to give us his version of the doctrine of 'Taqiyya'. I'm waiting. reb

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