B. Hussein Obama’s new health care plan* unveiled

In Barack Hussein Obama, Liberal treason, Liberal tyranny, Socialism, The Decline and Fall of the American Republic, Twilight Zone on August 24, 2009 at 10:02 AM

Finally, some of that much-hyped, often-promised, but impossible-to-find transparency!

This also happens to be his strategy for dealing with the elderly, Independents who skew downward his public opinion polls, country music fans, babies, the Founding Fathers, military veterans (American, not jihadist prisoners-of-war, they get a dream vacation in the Caribbean, relocation in the newly-expanded federal witness protection program to somewhere in the continental United States, and a position in his administration), everyone who refuses to address him as “Your Highness,” and other “right-wing extremists.”

When asked what he’d do if this proposal is rejected also by Americans-Who-Are-Paying-Attention, he admitted with a smirk that he did have a fallback plan, one that would striveTo Serve Man.”

The President denied charges from Obviously-Racist-Republican-Operatives that he’s taking his domestic policy ideas from Rod Serling.

*Our God-given, unalienable rights are never “obsolete.”

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