Muslim butchers Americans at Ft. Hood; U.S. president and media obfuscate regarding motive

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Here’s a hint, feckless cowards, perfidious liars: Islam.

And why is an unindicted coconspirator in a federal terrorism funding trial with umbilical cords still attached to the Muslim Brotherhood — whose stated purpose is to accomplish what the Muslim devil executed today — being treated as anything other than enemies of humanity?

As long as America’s “leaders” continue to obfuscate and outright lie for Islam, the bloodletting is only going to get worse.

A U.S. soldier opened fire Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, killing at least 11 people and wounding 31 others, military officials said. The gunman was shot to death, and two other soldiers were in custody.

Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone, commanding general of the Army’s III Corps, who briefed President Barack Obama on the shootings, said the gunman used two handguns.

NBC News’ Pete Williams reported that a U.S. official identified the gunman as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who was 39 or 40. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, said military officials told her that the gunman was about to be deployed to Iraq and was “upset about it.” The Associated Press reported that Hasan was a mental health professional.

A senior administration official told NBC News that the shootings could have been a criminal matter rather than a terrorism-related attack and that there was no intelligence to suggest a plot against Fort Hood.

Yes, there is “no intelligence,” since the only “plot” a Muslim needs to slaughter “the worst of creatures” is the command of Allah and the example of Muhammad.

Military and local hospital official said the victims were a mixture of men and women, military and civilian. At least one of those killed was a civilian police officer, Cone said. At least four local SWAT officers were among those wounded, NBC affiliate KCEN-TV of Waco reported.

Fort Hood, one of the largest military complexes in the world, was on lockdown, as were schools in the area. Dozens of agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives responded to the post, federal officials said.

Muslim group condemns shootings
Speaking in Washington, Obama called the shootings a “horrific incident.”

Obama’s part of a “Muslim group”?  Isn’t that racist?

And it wasn’t a “horrific incident,” it was jihad.

If The Other Hussein is such a smart guy — the smartest president we’ve ever had, according to Michael Beschloss — and since he was educated in Islam as a devout Muslim, he ought to know jihad when he sees it.

That he won’t admit that fact — and thereby warn the American people and enable an effective and vigorous self-defense — tells us all we need to know about where his allegiances lie.

“It’s difficult enough when we lose these great Americans in battles overseas,” Obama said at the Interior Department. “It’s horrifying that they should come under fire at an Army base on American soil.”

Noting the Arabic nature of the gunman’s name, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington interest group, condemned “this cowardly attack in the strongest terms possible and ask that the perpetrators be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Just like Hasan’s fellow soldiers, who took his comment about wishing that “Muslims would rise up against the aggressors” to mean that he wanted Muslims to aid America against the terrorists, you probably think that CAIR is referring to Hasan and anyone who helped him as “the perpetrators.”

They’re actually referring to those who stopped Hasan.

No political or religious ideology could ever justify or excuse such wanton and indiscriminate violence,” the council said in a statement. “The attack was particularly heinous in that it targeted the all-volunteer army that protects our nation. American Muslims stand with our fellow citizens in offering both prayers for the victims and sincere condolences to the families of those killed or injured.”

No ideology except their own, they mean.

  1. Preliminary Reports out of Ft Hood were inaccurate and incomplete; this loyal muslim screamed Allah Akbar! as he murdered 13, and wounded thirty more. He's alive and stable, and…so is the gutzy (wounded) lady trooper that took him down!Apathetic Americans must share the blame for this atrocity, and be ready for more killings instigated by recruiting Imams within our schools & universities, our institutions and prison facilities coast to coast.Enough of this nonsense!The Saudi King Abdullah must be notified that his muslim mosques and his Council of American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) Propaganda Ministry spreading across this continent must be dismantled and shipped back to the Arabian Desert!Anything less, and we dishonor our voluntary military families, and our loyal citizens.How many more "incidents" and "honor killings" must we endure before 'We the People' say "Enough of This Insanity, We Are At War!"reb~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. It is absolutely incredible how clueless the media are.I do think it is partly that, and partly that they are scared to death of Islam and are cowards.

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