If you think that the second class status forced on the dhimmi peoples under Islamic tyranny was a "golden age," then you’ve got good times ahead

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Since all people are born with a natural knowledge of God, why is it that only Muslims think it is a holy thing to enslave, rape, and slaughter for their deity?

In response to someone who needs to work on his social skills, here:

Being neither Greek, Turkish nor a believer in any of the 3 middle Eastern religions I would like to make the admittedly trite point that which if any of those faiths you happen to follow depends almost entirely upon where you happen to be born. (This observation is not an invitation for Amillennialist to give me a theological treatise on why the Creator chooses to separate the righteous from the infidels at birth.)

On a purely factual point, the Ottoman Empire did not require its citizens to convert to Islam. The Millet system gave a large degree of autonomy to other cultural and religious groups. That is why the Orthodox Church and the Greek culture survived intact during 500 years or so of Turkish domination and kept the dream of Byzantium alive.

That’s an interesting rhetorical technique. Do you find that insult as a form of introduction is effective in making friends and influencing people?

If not an invitation to a dissertation, your uncharitable and arrogant nescience is certainly an invitation to correction.

First, the God of the Bible does not “separate the righteous from the infidels at birth.” YHWH gives life to all, Christ died to pay completely for the sins of all, and the Holy Spirit brings the saving Gospel message to all. So, it is not God who separates and condemns, it is those who persist in evil who condemn themselves. Since all people are born with a conscience, an innate understanding of right and wrong (even though it is fallible in all of us, it’s there), there’s no way on Earth that a Muslim doesn’t know that it’s wrong to enslave, rape, and butcher others solely on the basis of religious belief.

Second, the whole “3 middle eastern religions” nonsense is a false construct set up by Muhammad and Muslims in order to confuse, propagandize, and deceive non-Muslims into either conversion or submission, for how can you criticize another religion just like yours, unless you’re some kind of “Islamophobe,” some kind of racist?

Finally, considering the history of jihad, its resurgence, and the fact that you reject the “3 middle eastern religions,” you should know that when Islam comes to town in full force, you’ll be one of the first under the sword. As a pagan/atheist/agnostic (?) you will not be afforded the “protections” (against Muslims) granted the “People of the Book,” those mythological creatures you’ve been propagandized into thinking enjoyed such a golden age under Ottoman rule.

I suppose if you think that the second class status forced on the dhimmi peoples under Islamic tyranny — which includes constant degradations, humiliations, oppressions, and violations of you and yours, including genocide and rape — is acceptable, then you’ve got good times ahead.

He’ll be enjoying them alone.


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