Pelosi reveals elitists’ arrogance

In Liberal treason, Liberal tyranny, Nancy Pelosi, Socialism, The Decline and Fall of the American Republic on March 21, 2010 at 11:50 PM

Let them do whatever they want to us and our posterity. They know better than we do what to do with our own property.

And now the left has driven one more uranium-tipped projectile into America’s coffin. As Pamela Geller rightly notes, the nescient, allegedly-pro-life Democrats voted yes for this monstrosity on the word of a ghoul who’s never met a baby he didn’t want to slaughter. How foolish!

Unless Americans are successful repealing this death blow from the Left’s murderous hand, the Republic is doomed.

Where are you, America?

  1. There will be no end to the Democrat's totalitarian instincts. They will attempt to control every aspect of our lives.God help us.

  2. He will.And we need to shame the tyrants back under their rocks.

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