The natural alliance that exists between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims of the whole world

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In allying yourselves with Muslims and against decent, free people everywhere, you’ve aligned yourselves with Nazis. Anti-Semitism makes strange cellmates, I suppose.

From a caption to a reproduction of a November 2, 1943 telegram from Heinrich Himmler to Hitler’s Mufti, Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Note the language straight from protesters on a college campus near you:

To the Grand Mufti:

The National Socialist movement of Greater Germany has, since its inception, inscribed upon its flag the fight against the world Jewry. It has therefore followed with particular sympathy the struggle of freedom-loving Arabs, especially in Palestine, against Jewish interlopers. In the recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against it lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims of the whole world. In this spirit I am sending you on the anniversary of the infamous Balfour declaration my hearty greetings and wishes for the successful pursuit of your struggle until the final victory.

Reichsfuehrer S.S. Heinrich Himmler

  1. Let The Buyer Beware!"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extiction. It is not something we pass on in our bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and passed along…"Entrepeneurs & small business are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States." – Ronald Reagan___ ___"Neo-Progressivism" is a power mechanism for "Change". If unchallenged, it will seize manufacturing, banking, the text books & education, insurance and health care, plus the pharamaceutical industries. Freedom of the press,freedom of religion will be a faded memory, and the right to peacefully assemble to petition your government will be lost forever. Entrepeneurs and inventive genius and "goodwill for others"…all gone.Beware of the "candy-man" bearing goodies for all of our children. – reb, the old snake-hunter.________________________________________

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